WCC dates for 2017

Wales Coaching CommunityDates for 2017

All held at Taff HA ,Tuesdays 5:30pm to 7:30 pm unless otherwise informed

Tues 24 Jan Co-coaching
Tues 14 Feb Co-Coaching
Tues 21 March Use of cards in coaching – Manjula and Evelyn
Tues 25 Apr Co-Coaching
Tues 23 May Linus Harrison- The power of Language 

Healing Boxes: Tailored Gifts to Warm the Heart. 

We offer delightful, practical, ethically filled gift boxes for people dealing with illness or tough times. 

Tues 20 June Graeme Layzell, Life and Motion-Human Givens Approach
Tues 18 July Co-Coaching
Wednesday 16 Aug 1600 Walk at Merthyr Mawr followed by early supper
Tues 19 Sept Sue Revell, Magenta Change – Becoming Unstoppable
Tues 17 Oct Co-Coaching
Tues 21 Nov Philippa Hain – Positive Psychology
Tues 12 Dec Social event TBC