Wales Coaching Community

Our Purpose

Is to promote and support each other individually and as a collective coaching profession, so to enhance the understanding and performance of each and every community member. We do this by sharing knowledge and experience gained as individuals and through connections arising from employment, experiment, research and personal learning programmes – furthermore we are open to exploring the many other ways our coaching takes us.

 Who We Are

We are an independent community connected by a sincere commitment to the interests of excellent coaching and a highly reputable coaching profession.

We are diverse, being open to and inclusive of practicing coaches from a range of backgrounds, schools of coaching and contexts.  This approach is underwritten by shared principles taking into account our other employments, systems, professional affiliations and personal values.

We are located mainly in South East Wales, primarily within the Cardiff and surrounding areas.

Our Principles

  • We give and receive our unique thoughts, learning, skills and abilities but also our unique vulnerabilities, innocence, anxieties, insecurities in confidence and mutual trust as the basis of true learning and development.
  • We each take responsibility for the confidentiality commitments made with our own, and each other’s clients.
  • Ethics are paramount and integral to our community. This includes any duty we may have as individuals to uphold particular Codes of Ethics.
  • We are authentic and humble with each other, watchful for our own susceptibility to projection and transference or to otherwise seek to dominate or control for personal gain.
  • We are all responsible for the thriving of the Community and for sustaining its energy, impetus and joy.
  • We respect and do not take advantage of each other’s intellectual property, professional standing or clientele without specific and explicit permissions and agreements being, as appropriate, exchanged.