The 5-Hour Rule That Turns Ordinary People Into Successful Ones

Article from Hack Spirit

You try hard ever day, but never see any long-term improvement. You feel trapped where you are, unable to move forward or progress. You see other people moving on and improving in all aspects of their life, and wonder what’s different about you.

If this sounds like you, you need to start using the 5-hour rule. This rule is followed by successful people around the world, including Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and Mark Zuckerberg, and can give you the kick you really need in life.

Read on to find out exactly what this rule is and how you can implement it in your life.

Spend 5 Hour a Week on Intentional Learning

The 5-hour rule involves spending at least 5 hours a week on deliberate learning. This means setting aside time to give your full concentrated attention on learning and development. You could do this for one hour a day, or however long you want, as long as you spend at least 5 hours a week.

This learning can take a few different forms. Below we go over what type of learning you can use to implement this rule.


Reading is a habit that is crucial to gaining knew knowledge. It’s easy, enjoyable (depending on what you’re reading!) and a convenient way to learn.

Try keeping a book in your bag at all times and setting yourself reading goals each week. You could aim to read a certain number of pages a day or a certain number of books a month.

The wide amount of eBooks on every single topic you can dream about makes learning about almost any subject quite easy. Bill Gates is someone who reads avidly, and credits it as one of the main ways he learns.


This is a key part of learning that is often forgotten about. Consuming too much information in a short period can leave you feeling overwhelmed. It’s important that you have reflection time sorted.

A great way to do this is to keep a journal and write about what you’re learning. This will help clear your mind and properly structure the information you’ve learned.


This is perhaps most important if you want to progress in life. Set aside some time each week to test our new theories or ideas, no matter how crazy they are. Innovation and learning never comes from doing the same thing over and over. Even if what you’re trying fails, you will have learned some valuable lessons.

Don’t confuse working with learning

It’s easy to confuse working with learning, which can cause you to remain stuck. Just because you’re working 40 hours a week doesn’t automatically mean you’re improving.

The 5 hour rule works because it is all about intentional learning, rather than going to work and assuming you’re going to learn something. Set yourself specific goals and you give yourself time to achieve them.

Focus on improvement, not just productivity

Most people believe that the more productive they are, the more they’ll see improvement. But this isn’t necessarily the case.

If you’re constantly focused on your current work, you might do a good job, but you’ll never see long-term improvement.

The reason most people don’t see long term progression is because setting aside time to learn doesn’t offer any immediate benefit. Try looking beyond your daily paycheck and dedicate time to become the best possible version of yourself instead.

If you take inspiration from some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, and spend 5 hours a week learning something new, you’ll start to see dramatic improvement in your life.