Manjula Bray

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I’m fascinated by what makes people tick so psychology plays a central role in my approach to coaching. My style has evolved from my varied experiences and my journey into coaching has been a convoluted one – illustrating how discovering one’s ‘best fit’ in career terms can be experimental and accidental! Fairness, autonomy and resilience are some of my core values. Coaching fulfils my passion: to see the amazing talents of individuals unfold before me – to witness their satisfaction in finding their own answers.

I am a trained HR practitioner (CIPD Fellow) and ILM qualified executive coach and mentor (Level 7). My curiosity about personality in the workplace has enticed me into the area of assessment and selection as a business psychologist: employers tend to be interested in my services that support them to make fair and objective decisions around selecting the right person for a given role, while individuals seek to prepare themselves for their next big career move or to explore alternatives.

I aim for a pragmatic approach using robust yet workable solutions. Expect challenge, stimulation and a general shake-up – tailored with care to your specific needs.

My best clients work with me because they want progression in their lives… to move forward.