Creating a strong link between leading your people, their objectives and the profitability and performance of your organisation

My work with business leaders is in helping them to describe a shared vision for their human resources strategies and goals, and in clarifying the efforts of the leadership team in leading and supporting their implementation.

Offering a strategic resource to senior leaders, providing expertise and counsel that enable them to make high-level people decisions – attracting, retaining and developing talent in a way that supports and advances the organisations aims and objectives.

I fulfil a consultative and strategic role in supporting the leadership team to motivate, develop, and coach their staff members as well as maximising the ability and desire of their people to contribute to the success of the business.
In times of conflict, I may be engaged to mediate an agreement and resolve disputes.

If you feel yourself or your organisation would benefit from strategic consultancy email or call Amanda on 07789 484921 for an initial consultation.

Getting the best out of someone by building on their strengths, experience and capabilities


Connecting individuals and organisations for mutual benefit