Getting the best out of someone by building on their strengths, experience and capabilities

What is coaching?

Coaching in its purest form is creating a space for an individual to come and find answers to their own questions. The benefits are numerous as coaching plays an influential role in increasing people’s capacity to be in control of their lives, being capable of resolving their problems and improving their quality of life. Ultimately coaching is about change and enables people to move from where they are now to where they want to be.

Finding the right coach

As lead sponsor of the Wales Coaching Community, I am able to match your requirements with an appropriate coach and offer exceptional value for money.

I will help you (or your staff) to identify how coaching may support personal growth and the type of coach who may be most beneficial (eg work based; life; performance; therapeutic..) We have a breadth and depth of talent to choose from and I commit to providing you (or your staff) with two possible coaches to talk to who may best fit with you on your journey. You (or they) decide where the chemistry lies.

If you would like to work with me personally, my coaching conversations typically take a results based approach for greater impact and performance, particularly in leadership and career transition.

For more information about how coaching can help you email or call Amanda on 07789 484922.
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