Amanda Morgan

Morgan Stewart LTD


My workplace coaching takes a results based approach, creating an alliance based on trust and linking to business results. Ultimately coaching is about change and helping individuals make behavioural shifts. My coaching conversations aim to provide an environment where people can grow – identifying and acknowledging strengths and blind spots; supporting individuals to create new approaches or ways of thinking about situations and to break patterns that no longer serve their purpose.

Coaching conversations, because they occur between people do not follow a set pattern. Every time I ask a question and listen for the response, an opportunity for change emerges. My guiding principles are around being in the moment; listening to understand; exploring options and challenging thinking.

Life experience I draw upon includes living and working internationally and across public, private and voluntary sectors in a diversity of people related roles; being a single parent of a son and daughter; as well as being part of the “sandwich” generation.

I don’t have the answers, but I can ask the questions that will help individuals create their own answer; reframe situations affording the opportunity to see a more balanced view of things and assess positive impact of changing behavior.