7 reasons why travel makes you a happier person

Article from Rachel Kelly

Marcus has a degree in psychology, a master’s degree in health psychology and has worked within the NHS as well as private organisations. Marcus started psysci, a psychology and science blog, in order to disseminate research into bite size, meaningful and helpful resources.

It is said that travelling is not only beneficial for the soul, but also essential for the body & mind. You’ll discover a joy in traveling you didn’t know existed. While it is nice to have a break from work and be able to sleep in, what many of us look forward to the most is traveling. Whether it is around the world travel, local travel or even a business trip, travel can be entertaining, soothing, interesting, and influential – all of which can make you happier.

Science has also revealed that travel is one of the best methods to maintain happiness. Psychology Professor Thomas Gilovich from Cornell University has been researching on the subject over decades and his study found that happiness is derived from experiences, not things.

Spending money on experiences is more likely to bring you long-lasting contentment and happiness than spending money on material substances.

The reason being that people adapt to physical objects, that is, the things you have bought will bring decreasing amounts of happiness as time goes on and you get used to having them around; whereas, those one-off experiences will be retained in our memory with joy that only increases. Here are just 7 out of the many ways in which travel can make you happier:

1. Happiness Is Infectious

When locals are happy, joyful and friendly, it has an instant knock-on effect. When you find the locals of a certain country or region to be friendly and cheerful, despite the relative poorness of their country, it makes you appreciate what you have. When you come across those big beaming smiles, it is not easy to stay annoyed or sad; putting that knee-jerk irritation to one side instantly lifts your mood and is a useful habit to take home with you.

2. Routine Is The Enemy Of Happiness

Our daily routine can be a big enemy to our happiness. Visiting the same restaurant, working at the same office, using the same commute— it is tedious and can make you feel miserable and unhappy. Breaking out of your routine to try new things or explore new horizons, even if it is hard, can make you feel happier. Travelling is one way of temporarily getting away from the routine of your daily life. You won’t have to engage the same commute, can try new dishes in different restaurants and be surrounded by new sights and people.

3. Find Your Self-Confidence By Dealing With Unanticipated Situations

Even if you plan each and every minute of your trip, things can always take a surprise turn. No matter what happens, there is always a solution to the problem and knowing that you can deal with these unanticipated circumstances gives a huge boost to your self-confidence and consequently your happiness. This inevitably results in an improved sense of self-sufficiency, growing interpersonal skills, better levels of flexibility and advanced measures of self-assurance.

4. Appreciate What You Have

The more you explore the world, the more you realize how small your own corner is in the grand scheme of things. This does not imply that your world is not a big deal to you, but it is obliging to keep in mind that very few things actually matter forever. The distance you create through traveling gives you a sense of perspective and also lets you be grateful to your life at home more. No one will be happier to pay attention to your endless travel tales than your friends & family.

5. Meet New People

You must have observed that making new friends is so much easier when you’re away from your everyday life, while you are taking a group tour or going to a summer camp. At home, you probably wouldn’t just start a conversation with a perfect stranger at the nearby store. On the other hand, when traveling, you’ll find yourself chatting to the person next to you on the plane or making new friends over lunch in the hotel. Making new friends from dissimilar backgrounds and cultures can also educate you more about the world.

6. Greater Productivity At Work

Traveling recharges the batteries and refills the reserves when it comes to mental, emotional and physical energy. Individuals who travel frequently record lesser rates of absenteeism at work, elevated productivity levels, and relatively lesser fatigue.

7. Getting Some “You” Time

Traveling provides us the breathing space that is often lost in our usual everyday routine. Having a moment to take benefit of peace, tranquility and calm and to simply be ourselves allows us to let go of strain and tension and just enjoy being in the moment. If you are traveling with a partner, it is the perfect opportunity to spend time with only each other for company, which is a thought that probably shouldn’t fill you with dismay.

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